Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot to know about hearing and hearig aids. Hopefully we can shed some light on common questions below.

Q. What do hearing aids cost?

A. Hearing aids are not inexpensive. However, we do not want that to be the reason that someone does not get the care they deserve. When it comes to hearing aids,there is a price range that is dependent upon the level of technology. We work closely with patients to determine which aids will be most appropriate while being mindful of their budget.

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Q. How do I know if I have a hearing loss?

A. Ask yourself:

Q. What happens if I don't address my hearing loss?

A. One of the major risks associated with untreated hearing loss is that the ability to understand information becomes more difficult. Once this has changed, it is much more difficult to get back. The other major risk is that when you can no longer enjoy the conversation you may not participate in the conversation. Your hearing health can greatly impact your overall health. Research is emerging that shows a link between untreated hearing loss and the rate of progression in some patients with dementia.

Q. Do you only work with adults?

A. We work with patients of all ages from just a few months old to 100+.

Q. Do I really need two hearing aids?

A. For most people, the short answer is yes. Our brain is designed to gather information from both ears. Patients tend to perform best with binaural amplification. In addition, today's hearing aids are designed to work together. By only obtaining one aid, you lose access to some of the advanced features that help you to hear better in noisy environments.

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Q. What happens if I try hearing aids and don't like them?

A. By law, the State of Connecticut requires that patients receive a thirty day trial period. During this time, we will work closely with the patient to ensure that the patient's needs are met and that they are comfortable with the hearing devices. If a patient is still dissatisfied, they have the option to return the hearing aids.

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