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Grandparents with their family smiling at a holiday dinner

Hearing for the Holidays

Your hearing is an important part in how you communicate and experience the world. With the upcoming holidays, you want to be sure you are hearing your family as best as you can. Whether you are out singing carols with your friends, eating dinner with your family, or playing with your grandchildren, you don’t want to miss a single moment.

Learn how you can improve your hearing before the holidays so you can get the most out of the season with the tips below!

Create a Plan

Making a plan ahead of time is a great way to see success during this busy time of year. If you plan on visiting a friend or relative’s house for dinner, speak to the host beforehand. Be upfront of your concerns and ask if they can reserve you a spot at the dinner table where you will be able to see everyone’s faces. If you are going out to a restaurant plan ahead and be sure to wear your hearing aids as they can help reduce background noise.

Ask for Clarity

Don’t be embarrassed to ask a friend or family member to repeat themselves or reword what they are saying. It’s better to ask for clarity rather than mishear information. Most people won’t have a problem repeating themselves or rephrasing what they said so you can hear.

Have Your Hearing Aids Checked

It is a good idea to have your hearing aids checked before the holidays. We can evaluate your hearing aids and ensure they are performing their best for you. Whether you need the wax guards replaced, the inner tubes cleaned, or you need a new package of batteries, it is best to make an appointment before the holidays to ensure you continue to hear your best.

Make an Appointment for a Hearing Evaluation

Just like it is a good idea to have your hearing aids checked, if it has been awhile since you had your hearing evaluated then you should make an appointment. If it has been some time since your last hearing test then your hearing could have changed. To ensure you are hearing your family and understanding the conversation you should schedule a hearing test before the holidays.

Enjoy Your Time with Loved Ones

Don’t let hearing loss keep you from enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. Your friends and family want to see you and converse with you. Follow these tips to be proactive this holiday season. Make a plan before visiting a loved one’s house, ask for clarity if you didn’t understand something, and make an appointment to have your hearing and hearing aids checked.

We want to help you get the most out of this time of year. Call us today to schedule your appointment. We would be happy to help you.