Hearing Loss

By far the most common form of hearing loss is permanent sensorineural (inner ear) loss that cannot be corrected medically or surgically. That is when hearing aids or cochlear implants come to the rescue.

Medical Correction

tinnitus test with otoscope

Some losses can be medically corrected. Both Dr. Alex and Dr. Bakewell spent years associated with Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons before venturing into private practice giving them first hand experience in recognizing when medical intervention is necessary and helpful in restoring hearing.

Some treatable hearing losses include:

Referrals to an ENT or primary care doctors are made as needed. Occasionally referrals to a dermatologist come up when suspicious lesions in and around the ear are noted. Physical therapists can also be called upon for their fall prevention and balance retraining therapies.

Ear protection and getting used to hearing aids

Preventing Hearing Loss

Some hearing losses are preventable too! Noise induced loss can be prevented with proper ear protection against firearms, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, woodworking tools, etc. There are also custom forms of protection for musicians and hunters/target shooters as well. Ear impressions are taken for these custom fit products. Colorful floatable swim plugs can be made to protect ears prone to swimmer's ear or for ears with PE tubes or perforations.

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