Hearing Myths

We are pleased to debunk some common hearing myths below. Contact us if you'd like to learn more on any particular subject.

Signia Silk Hearing Aid from an audiologist near me

Myth: Having hearing aids means I am old.

Truth: Hearing loss does not discriminate based on age. It can affect anyone at any age and any time. Just like vision loss, it is not restricted to one age group.

Myth: I will draw attention by wearing hearing aids.

Truth: On the contrary, hearing aids may draw less attention. Hearing aids today are practically invisible. Asking people to repeat or saying "what" or "huh" draws far more attention.

Myth: Hearing aids just whistle all the time.

Truth: If it is whistling there is a problem. Hearing aids today should not whistle.

Audiology specialist in Southbury, CT selling hearing aids

Myth: The hearing aids will just turn everything up, including noise.

Truth: The hearing aids work to filter out unnecessary sounds. Unlike a volume control, the hearing aids would be set to meet your individual needs.

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