The Advantages of a Smart Hearing Aid

Smart hearing aids are the most effective treatment option for any degree of hearing loss. They automatically adjust to your environment to help you hear better without putting any extra strain on your brain. Smart hearing aids have advanced immensely in recent years, and even come with technological features such as Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeability.

Regardless of your degree of hearing loss, there is a smart hearing aid for you. With many options from the leading hearing aid manufacturers, there is an option for everyone. Discover the benefits of a smart hearing aid and how the different features can help make your listening experience easier.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Many smart hearing aids feature Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect your hearing aids to your smartphone for easy control and streaming. This allows you to listen to phone calls, music, and TV audio straight from your hearing aids without an intermediary device. Hearing aids with Bluetooth make hearing your favorite devices easier and clearer.

With Bluetooth, you can also control your hearing aids through an app on your smartphone. Simply download the app that corresponds to your hearing aids and sync it with the Bluetooth on your hearing devices. You can adjust the volume on your hearing aids, change listening programs, and even track your hearing progress all from an app on your phone!

Rechargeable Battery

Some smart hearing aids come in a rechargeable option, so you don't have to worry about your hearing aids unexpectedly dying on you. With rechargeable hearing aids, you simply place them on their charging station at night – like you would your phone - and in the morning you'll have fully charged devices. Rechargeable hearing aids are a great option for those who don’t want to constantly change the batteries on their hearing aids.

Automatic Functionality

The key difference between today's smart hearing aids and hearing aids of the past is automatic functionality. With automatic adjustment to sound in your environment, smart hearing aids make hearing the conversation effortless. Instead of having to focus on where sound is coming from, your hearing aids will automatically adjust for you and they can even filter between background noise and the speaker.

Learn More from Your Hearing Specialist

If you have hearing loss, you want to be able to hear your friends and family and take care of your hearing health. Smart hearing aids make hearing easier than before. If you are interested in upgrading your current hearing aids, or you want to learn more about the difference smart hearing aids can make in your life, contact us today.

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